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Raid Rules ***Required for raiders*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Raid Rules ***Required for raiders*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Postby Uxi » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:27 pm

Raid loot rules
    For Legion we are going to use the new personal loot system. The main issue with personal loot previously was someone getting the same piece multiple times, or had something better when other people in the raid needed it, that item was wasted. That's not an issue anymore. The new system allows you to trade items from personal loot assuming the person you are trading it to was also in for the fight, and you already have the item or an item with higher ilvl.
    If you get a piece you already own (or don't want because you have something better) and there is more than one person who wants it/could use it, we will open roll between those who want it. MS > OS (ex: If agi loot drops and the person already has it, feral druids, rogues, WW monks will get priority roll over the resto druid's cat set)
    This is a low maintenance, easy loot system which is why we are sticking with it for now. Talk to officers if you have any problems, questions, or concerns regarding loot. If people or the officers start to have any bad feelings about this loot system, we will go back to a a true open roll masterloot system, or loot council or another alternative loot system will be considered.

For tier pieces, we use a priority system. When someone gets a tier piece they already own and there are other people of that class who need it, instead of just open rolling we are going to prioritize 4 piece > 2 piece > 1, 3, or 5 piece. It helps the raid more as a whole if people get their set bonuses. If multiple people will get 2 or 4 piece, we will revert back to open rolls between the people who will get their bonus.

If you know your set bonus is garbage, you can feel free to waive your priority and have it pass to the next person, but that is up to you / isn't required. This probably won't be a concern that often, as now personal loot spits out an item not a token so people will only be able to trade between their class (not their token) but I'm putting it on paper just so the ground rules are laid out. Also because we have like 9 druids. DRUID MASTER CLASS

Note: This is only for DUPLICATE or UNWANTED items. If you got a tier shoulder and already have a higher ilvl shoulder slot item and you COULD trade it, we will not make you trade it. If you want it for your own set bonus or transmog or whatever, it's your RNG yo. Everyone gets first dibs on their own personal loot first, trading pieces will only be for items you already have or don't want.

General raid rules
No alts allowed
    There will not be ANY alts in the main raid. No swapping in your windwalker alt to try and get a weapon because the boss doesn't drop anything for your main raiding toon, no bringing in your hunter alt to try and get a trinket, etc.
    If we let one or two people bring in alts, soon everyone wants to bring in alts and the raid progression slows down/halts because it turns into an alt gearing run. Our raiding objectives are progression not gear. If you want to gear your alts, express interest it in a guild alt run or pug stuff yourself.
    The only exception to this rule is if we have absences and have to ask people to bring in alts to fill in needed roles. If you actually want to re-main who your main MaM raiding toon is, reach out to the officers to discuss it.

No getting trashed right before or during raid
    We're adults, I'm not going to completely outlaw drinking/smoking pot. If you want to have a drink with dinner or one/two not-super-strong drinks during raid, that's fine. This is Amurica, do what you want.
    If you get drunk/high enough that officers can tell it is impairing your ability to raid, you will be sat. No questions asked. If it happens frequently enough it becomes a problem, you will no longer be invited to main raid until you can convince the officers it is no longer a problem.
    Save it for non-raid nights, or at least wait until raid is over to get rolling. Non-sober raiding might be super fun for the person who is doing it, not so fun for the other people wiping to dumb stuff because of them. Be respectful enough to not waste everyone's time.

Be prepared for raid
    Bring your own flasks. Bring your own food. Flask cauldrons and feasts will usually be provided by someone in the raid but are not a guarantee. Have your own stuff to cover if no one has spare mats to be generous. Being prepared is part of raiding, don't be lazy/cheap.

Don't whine about wiping
    Wiping is part of raiding. If you have a crappy attitude about wiping, maybe raiding isn't your best choice for a hobby. If you think the strat isn't working, or think you know what is causing a wipe, bring up something constructive we can work with and not just complaints or attitude.
    If you are the type who ragequits after wiping a handful of times, don't bother coming.

Kept vent chatter to a minimum during boss pulls
    Feel free to be as talky and goofy as you want during trash or while running back between attempts. But make sure vent is clear enough DURING fights that officers and people with assignments are able to communicate what they need to.

    If officers repeatedly have to ask you to clear vent mid-fights, we will mute you in vent until the end of the raid night. Nothing personal, but no one wants to wipe because people couldn't hear the call outs.

If you don't have a headset, don't queue your microphone in vent
    If you don't have a headset with a microphone, OR a tabletop/other mic AND headphones, please don't queue up to talk in vent unless you absolutely need to call something out. All of the reverb, echos, and static feedback makes everyone else cringe. If it becomes a repeated issue, you'll be muted in vent until the end of raid.
    Seriously, Tazarak might stab you irl
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Re: Raid Rules ***Required for raiders*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Postby Uxi » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:29 pm

Updooted for Legion, explained the new loot system and reworded some rules because Rengrave was referenced multiple times and who is that guy even.
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Re: Raid Rules ***Required for raiders*** UPDATED FOR LEGION

Postby Uxi » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:01 pm

Edited for clarity as I realized some people might not be familiar with how the new Legion personal loot system is going to work. LEARN TO READ MMOCHAMP EVERY DAY YOU GUYS
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