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Mulgore At Midnight FAQ


Is there a race or level requirement to join?

Nope! We accept all races and levels.

I just want to be social, do I have to RP or raid to join?

Also nope! Neither is required, but we do ask that you be respectful to members who participate in either. Guild chat and raids are always OOC.

Do I have to be 18?

Not necessarily, but keep in mind that most of the guild is between 25-35 in age so naughty words will be thrown about now and then.

How do I join?

No application is required to join. Simply whisper any of our members and they can either invite you themselves or direct you to someone who can.

When are you guys active?

While some of us are on occasionally throughout the day we are usually the most active after 5pm server time and into the night.

Do you guys use Ventrilo/Mumble/Skype?

We do use Ventrilo and it is required that your are at least able to listen to it for raiding. Quite a few of us hang out on Ventrilo every night, so feel free to drop in every now and then to chat!

Role Playing

What type of guild are you?

We are a collective with the common goal acquiring shinies/treasure/rare artifacts/riches. Our RP is also usually light-hearted. We are not mercenaries or military. There are no leaders or ranks within the group ICly. Everyone's character is on an equal footing. We are aligned loosely with the Horde due to being Horde in game, but each character is free to have their own political relationships. We don't care what you do as long as you help us.

Do I have to be a criminal?

No, not at all. Your character can also be working off a debt, into treasure or relic hunting, or perhaps even trying to reform our band of rapscallions "for the light". If you're unsure of a reason for your character to join, you can talk to any one of the officers and we'll help you figure out a reasonable way to include you!

How does my character join you ICly?

New members need to be RPed in. This can happen at the start of our weekly guild RP or any time during the week. Contact one of the officers and we'll try to do it ASAP so you're ready to dive in. Your character may have heard of us through the grapevine or even worked with one of us before.

When do you usually RP?

Our "official" time for guild RP is Tuesday at 6pm server time. This is the day when we'll do the guild story-line rps. We also have an IC chat channel that you can use at any time. We try to attend server rp events as well and some of us will meet randomly in the world to rp.

Who controls the storyline?

While we do have a common theme in mind, story arcs usually only last a few weeks. This allows everyone a chance to DM and tell a story/lead a treasure hunt or heist of their own. Members are encouraged to bring their own ideas/story arches to the table as well, just run it past an officer to make sure it fits with our theme. If it has gold or shinies, it probably will.
To catch up with what's going on currently, check out the "What's MaM up to?" thread:

Do you do server events or attend them?

We do try to attend server events if they're not on a raid day, as well as host our own.

Do you require any RP addons?

We do recommend some sort of profile addon such as MyRolePlay and HIGHLY suggest you grab Gryphonheart Item as well, since we use it often.

My guild wants to start a storyline with you, do you do that?

Absolutely! We love to interact with other guilds, just whisper someone in the guild and they'll be able to point you to an officer who you can talk with about it.

For a more detailed breakdown of our RP rules click here:


When do you raid?

We raid at 5pm PST on Monday and 6pm PST on Wednesday. We will occasionally stay later if we're close to getting a boss down.

What have you killed?

While we will never be a "hardcore" guild. It is our goal to clear content while it is current while still having a good time.
You can keep up to date with our progress here: ... t+Midnight

Do I have to apply to raid?

No, but you are not automatically promoted to raider as soon as you join the guild. We do ask all prospective raiders to go on a trial run with us.

Expectations for our raiders click here:
For more in depth raid rules click here:

Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact anyone in the guild and they'll point you in the right direction.
Thanks for reading!
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